CES 2010 – Microsoft Auto 4.1 and Windows® Embedded

While at CES I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes at the Microsoft Auto and Windows® Embedded booth and looked at some of the new automobiles featuring Microsoft® Auto. Take a few minutes to see a quick overview of Microsoft Auto and a few of the fine vehicles that now carry the Microsoft logo.

Microsoft Keynote at CES – Starting Soon

Here at CES in Las Vegas, the night before the fun really starts, there is always a keynote speech by Microsoft. It starts at 6.30pm (so in about 30 minutes time) and if you want to watch it live you can watch a webcast.

Windows Home Server – One Minute Videos

Microsoft have a few videos on their website detailing Windows Home Server, including two new 1minute videos - why not take a look?

Now We Know – Microsoft Photosynth

Did you know Microsoft has a cool free tool for creating an interactive photo collage? Microsoft Photosynth is an awesome free program that allows you to turn your photos into a radical experience. Check it out!

Tech Tip on a Tuesday – Windows Backup or Restore Wizard

Sometimes we need to back up files of PCs away from our WHS. Microsoft makes a great utility just for this purpose. This utility walk through is for XP but there are similar versions of this utility for Vista and Windows 7.

Migrating from XP/Vista to Windows 7 with No Downtime

I'm going to build a new Windows 7 installation for my home workstation in a VirtualBox setup, so that I can continue to use Windows Vista, with (almost) no downtime.

Now We Know – Visio and Project 2010 Beta

Did you know that in addition to the standard Office 2010 beta applications that Microsoft is offering Visio 2010 and Microsoft Project 2010? Thanks to reader Levy for pointing this out!

Now We Know – Fixing TV Archive

Did you know that it is possible for the TV Archive function in your Windows Media Center to become corrupt? Want to know how to fix it?

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