Spectra available now on Xbox One and PC

Surge through lanes of hazard-strewn neon, speakers swelling to the beat of Chipzel, and skim the edges of death to wreck the high score. Roiling...

Richard and Alice now available on Steam with 50% off

Indie collective Owl Cave and UK independent publisher Mastertronic have announced that the point-and-click adventure game Richard & Alice is now available on Steam! Richard & Alice...

Review: 0rbitalis

A space oddity

Indie Adventure Richard & Alice Coming to Steam Soon

Indie collective Owl Cave have teamed up with UK independent publisher Mastertronic to bring the acclaimed point-and-click adventure game Richard & Alice to Steam! The...

Mastertronic announces The Serious Sam Collection on Xbox 360

The Mastertronic Group, in cooperation with Croteam and Devolver Digital, are excited to announce the release of The Serious Sam Collection a spectacular compendium of the iconic Serious Sam games on Xbox 360.

Worms Revolution Collection coming to Xbox 360

Annelid aficionados Mastertronic today announced Worms Revolution Collection, the latest in anarchic action, will explode into stores on May 3rd for Xbox 360.

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Review: DREDGE

DREDGE is a peaceful and beautiful fishing simulator that's occasionally broken up by eldritch abominations from the deep. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Review: Trophy

Review: Returnal

Review: Big Ambitions