32 Google Play Apps Hit by ‘BadNews’ Malware Attack

Google Play has removed 32 apps infected with a new form of malware known as 'BadNews'. Between two to nine million users are thought...

Apple release Flashback malware removal tool for Lion

Last week we told you that Apple had released an update to remove the Flashback malware, now they have released a Flashback malware removal tool for Lion.

Apple releases Java for OS X 2012-003 security update; addresses Flashback malware

Apple has just released a Java for OS X 2012-003 security update and this one takes care of the Flashback malware issue.

Apple Release Security Update 2011-003 to Combat MacDefender Malware

Yesterday Apple released a security update (2011-003) that includes a fix for the MacDefender malware issue. So if you have a Mac you should update now!

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