mControl for Windows Home Server Giveaway – Week 2 Results

Last week we said we would give away another mControl licence – well, this week’s winner is…

mControl for Windows Home Server Giveaway – Week 2 and a Surprise

A few weeks ago, Tim Daleo posted the first in a series of articles on using mControl for Windows Home Server to do all sorts of things within his house. This week, Tim posted the latest installed instalment on using Macros with mControl. It's time for another giveaway and also a surprise for those that entered last time!

mControl Macros with Windows Home Server on a Friday night

Continuing his in depth look at mControl for Windows Home Server, Tim Daleo returns with this weeks Friday Night article and asks the question "Do I really need WHS to turn a light on and off for me?" Well tonight I am going to walk you through adding some Macros to your mControl Windows Home Server while explaining some of the advantages of WHS with mControl.

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