The Digital Lifestyle Show 280 Garry Interrupts

Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle has released the Digital Lifestyle Show number 280 – and yes, I’m on it again, and Garry makes an appearance, all be in later on.

SageTV V7.0.23 Release Candidate 7 Out Now

Yes, we know that only a few days ago SageTV released V7.0.22 RC 6 and said it would be the last one, but it wasn’t and so here is V7.0.23 RC 7.

SageTV V7.0.22 Release Candidate 6 Out Now

SageTV V7.0.22 Release Candidate 6 is now out – and according to Sage this should be the last one before the final release.

Vudu’s HD On-Demand Movie Service Soon to Appear on Boxee

Boxee today announced that Vudu, the on-demand movie streaming service would soon be available to Boxee users, including on the forthcoming Boxee Box.

Microsoft Release Office 2011 for Mac Today

Today saw Microsoft release Office 2011 for the Mac, finally bringing Outlook to Mac users, amongst other features.

SageTV V7.0.19/20 Release Candidate 3/4 Out Now

Release Candidate 3/4 for SageTV V7.0.19/20 is out now – are you going to test it? If the numbering looks a little confusing, read on.

Office for Mac 2011 Out Next Month

Microsoft announced today that Office for Mac 2011 will be able at the end of October 2010.

SageTV V7.0.17 Release Candidate 1 Out Now

Release Candidate 1 for SageTV V7.0.17 is out now – are you going to test it?

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