LEGO Marvels Avengers interview with Phillip Ring from TT Games

At Gamescom I had the chance to talk to Phillip Ring about the forthcoming LEGO Marvel’s Avengers game.

Why I’m Excited to play Destiny’s new expansion The Taken King

Activision and Bungie are about to release a new expansion pack for Destiny called The Taken King, and I got to play some of...

LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Gamescom Walk-through with TT Games

At Gamescom, TT Games walked us through some of the Doctor Who level on their forthcoming game LEGO Dimensions.

Exclusive Interview with Bruce Greenwood

Good Kill, a new film starring Ethan Hawke and Bruce Greenwood is released on DVD and Blu-ray today and I got to talk to Bruce Greenwood about it, and his long career.

Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Cast Reunion – Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd & Lea Thompson

In this video shot at a press conference at London Film and Comic Con on July 17th 2015, the cast of Back to the...

XCOM 2 Exclusive Interview with Garth DeAngelis at E3 2015

At E3 I had the chance to talk to Garth DeAngelis from Firaxis about the forthcoming XCOM 2.

Destiny: The Taken King Exclusive Interview with Luke Timmins at E3 2015

At E3 I had the chance to talk to Luke Timmins from Bungie about the forthcoming Destiny expansion The Taken King.

Guitar Hero Live Exclusive Interview with Jamie Jackson at E3 2015

At E3 I had the chance to talk to Jamie Jackson about the forthcoming Guitar Hero Live.

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