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Sony Announce new Vaio L 24” all-in-one 3D touchscreen multimedia PC

Sony have just announced a new 24” all-in-one 3D touchscreen multimedia PC called the Vaio L.

Sony Announce New 15.5″ Vaio S Series Laptop

Sony have made a lot of announcements in the last 24 hours, including a new 15.5" Vaio S series laptop and boasts glasses-free 3D playback and long battery life.

IFA 2011 – The European Consumer Electronics Show

It's that time of the year again! IFA is the European equivalent to CES and is once again being held in Berlin and UWHS will be there reporting on anything cool and exciting.

Sony confirms launch dates and specs for Sony Tablet S and P

Today at IFA 2011, Sony confirmed the launch dates for it’s two new tablet devices, and they have their final names – the Sony Tablet S and the Sony Tablet P.

Sony Introduces World’s Lightest 15.2cm eReader with Enhanced Touchscreen and a Limited Edition Harry Potter Edition

Sony have just announced the World’s lightest eReader with Enhanced Touchscreen. Oh, and a specially-created limited edition of Reader Wi-Fi for Harry Potter fans!

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