MyWirelessTV MultiRoom Wireless HDMI Adaptors Announced

nt to be able to wirelessly stream your movies, including 1080p Blu-rays anywhere in your house without the need for a computer being connected? Well look no further than the MyWirelessTV multi-room wireless HDMI adaptor that was announced today from Actiontec Electronics.

Exclusive Review of the Tranquil PC ixL Power PC

Here is the exclusive review of the brand new Power PC from Tranquil – the fan less i3 ixL.

Boxee Box by D-Link to Ship in November

Boxee and D-Link have said that the Boxee Box by D-Link will ship in November now, nearly 6 months later than planned.

Tranquil Announce the T7-MP2 Media Center PC

Late last night Tranquil PC announced their newest computer, the T7-MP2 Media Center PC.

Tech Tip on a Tuesday – Backup Without Logging In

Did you know you can run a backup on a Windows Home Server connected PC prior to logging in to that PC? Just power on the PC and wait for it to become active in the Computers and Backup tab in Windows Home Server.

The Dell Zino HD – A Six Minute and Six Second review on a Friday night

After a bunch of beers on Thanksgiving Day, and 20% Bing Cashback, I ordered a Zino HD from Dell. Well, I am already a Dell guy so it was not like I drunk-dialed. Anyway, after a month of waiting it finally arrived this week! The cost after Bing was $199.

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