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Plants Vs Zombie Garden Warfare Coming to PS3, PS4

EA and Popcap game Plants vs Zombie Garden Warfare is coming to PS3 and PS4 on 19th August in North America and the 22nd...

EA shows off Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals has been announced. The new game features a new All-Drive feature which sees an immerse world where players can interfere...

The Next Dragon Age and Mass Effect will use Frostbite 3 Engine

After yesterday revealed that Battlefield 4 will run on the next generation Frostbite Engine , also its has been revealed that the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age will follow its lead.

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Review: Darkwood

The promotional material for Darkwood promises to scare you without using jump scares. This is both slightly misleading because jump scares are definitely in...


Review: Sissa’s Path

Review: Broken Lines