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EGX 2022 – Hands-On with Sonic Frontiers!

Well, it’s here, EGX 2022 is upon us! If you aren’t familiar with the convention, check out this post, which breaks it down for...

First Impressions: HITMAN Beta

The newest instalment in the HITMAN series has had a troubled start in the eyes of players. For the first time a decision was...

First Impressions: Star Wars Battlefront with EA Access early access

*Note: This is a first impressions piece based on playing the EA Access ten hour trial of Star Wars Battlefront and is not a...

Hands on: Dragon Fin Soup

Roguelike RPG set to release this year. This is one for the SNES fans.

First Look: Civilization: Beyond Earth

Oh go on...just one more turn...

First Look: Cities: Skyline

The guys and girls over at Colossal Order, who brought us Cities in Motion 1 & 2, let me take a look at their latest project, Cities: Skylines.

First Impressions: Destiny Alpha

My thoughts on how Destiny is shaping up.

First impressions and unboxing the iPad mini

Today saw the release of the iPad mini from Apple. We got one today and have been playing with it for a while. Here is our first impressions and our unboxing.

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