Greymail – What is it and what can you do about it?

A little while ago I was invited to a special event with Microsoft to talk about something known as Greymail. What’s that you may ask, and why is it important? Well read on to find out.

UWHS Newsletter Launched – Sign Up Today

Today we can announce the next change here at UWHS – our newsletter. This newsletter will include daily news, occasional special offers and giveaways just for the newsletter subscribers.

Windows Home Server 2011 Email Notifications

You know that Windows Home Server 2011 monitors your WHS, but did you know 2011 can send you email notifications? Yes, WHS 2011 can email your alerts and warnings through this little application included in Windows Home Server 2011. Read on to find out more about this hidden jewel.

An Update to SmarterMail on Windows Home Server

Duane Couture returns with an update to his popular article on SmarterMail on Windows Home Server - this time its SmarterMail 7.4.

Running an e-Mail server on Windows Home Server

Friend and fellow MVP Pete Stagman has posted a great article on how you can run an e-mail server on your Windows Home Server.

Smartermail Email Server on Windows Home Server

This is a quick tutorial on setting up an email server using your Windows Home Server. There are a few free options out there but I decided to use this as I like some of the features.

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