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Glacier White PS4 Announced and Urban Camouflage DS4

Today Sony announced that it will introduce the first colour variation for PS4 in “Glacier White,” which will be available worldwide starting this fall....

Mad Catz Ships Tritton Kama Headsets for PS4 and PS Vita

Mad Catz today announced the shipping of the TRITTON Kama Stereo Headset for PlayStation4 and PlayStationVita. Specially built for the PlayStation 4's multiplayer online...

Sony shows off the new PlayStation 4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller

Sony have released a new video showing off their PlayStation 4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller.

Sony introduces the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller

As part of Sony’s big reveal last night for the new PlayStation 4, they also showed off the new DualShock 4 controller.

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https://youtu.be/2HBlg-ysn94 Picking the right gaming headset can be tough. Consequently, with many options available and a range of price points to look at, it can...

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