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Dead Island and Toy Soldiers Cold War are the February Games with Gold

Here are the two titles for Games with Gold first up is Dead Island (Normally US $19.99) out tomorrow the 1st February it will be free...

Dead Island – Epidemic Coming to PC Soon Free to Play

Deep Silver today announced Dead Island: Epidemic, a new ZOMBA (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena) game set in the ever-expanding Dead Island universe. Dead Island:...

Get your Humble Deep Silver Bundle Now

The Humble Bundle is excited to announce its second pay-what-you-want AAA game bundle, the Humble Deep Silver Bundle, featuring seven critically-acclaimed PC games from...

Xbox Ultimate Game Sale (Day 5) Batman Arkham City and Borderlands and more

Today Xbox Ultimate Sale Day 5 is a mix bag of Games on Demand from Batman - Arkham City to Portal 2 Saving from 50 to 67% Today.

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Review: Sophstar

https://youtu.be/c39CxdP5QAg I've always adored arcade shmups. These simple but addictive games draw you in, chew you up, and spit you out. Furthermore, the pixelated graphics, rudimentary...

Review: Saint Kotar

Review: Little Orpheus