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Covecube Walk Us Through Stablebit DrivePool M4 for Windows Home Server 2011

It’s been a little while since we had an update from Covecube on their Stablebit DrivePool addin for WHS 2011. Today they have published a really interesting walk-through on the M4 release which is coming very soon.

WHS 2011 Add-In: A Bit of an Update on Stablebit DrivePool

It’s been a while since we posted about any updates to Stablebit DrivePool. Covecove just tweeted an update – sort of….

WHS 2011 Add-In Update: Drive Bender Going Gold This Week

The Windows Home Server 2011 Drive Extender replacement add-in Drive Bender will be going gold this Friday.

Tranquil Version of DriveBender Named as MonStore

Recently we told you that Tranquil PC were going to be shipping DriveBender with their Leo HS4 and SS4 servers. Now we can reveal it will be called MonStore.

DriveBender Comments on Tranquil

Anthony Smith, Technical Director—Division-M, has responded to our request for comment on Andrew’s announcement that Tranquil is using DriveBender rather than DriveHarmony.

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