Exclusive Review of the Tranquil PC ixL Power PC

Here is the exclusive review of the brand new Power PC from Tranquil – the fan less i3 ixL.

The Dell Zino HD – A Six Minute and Six Second review on a Friday night

After a bunch of beers on Thanksgiving Day, and 20% Bing Cashback, I ordered a Zino HD from Dell. Well, I am already a Dell guy so it was not like I drunk-dialed. Anyway, after a month of waiting it finally arrived this week! The cost after Bing was $199.

Windows Media Center – Ceton Prime Part One (Case and Power Supply)

Tonight I start my first Windows Media Center PC build from scratch. I am going to build a gigantic Windows Media Center that will service all of my home media needs for 2010.

Made for Media Center – The App Store for Windows Media Center

My friend, and fellow MVP Ian Dixon, he of the The Digital Lifestyle, has just launched a new site called Made for Media Center.

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