Review of the ZAGG mate with keyboard iPad Case

If like me you have an Apple iPad and you want to do more than just watch movies on it, you will probably need a keyboard, not to mention a case to protect the iPad. How about both in the form of the ZAGG mate with keyboard case?

Fractal Launch New Core 3000 Case

Today Fractal Design have launched another new case, this time the Core 3000 which is all about the cooling!

CES 2011 Corsair Unveils Vengeance Memory, H60 and new 600T Case

I had a chance to stop by the Corsair booth with the Michaels and we saw three great new products. The new Vengeance memory line, the new H60 cooling solution and a new option for the 600T case were all displayed at CES 2011. Check out the pictures from the the booth and the specs on these great new products.

Review of the Vidabox CubeCase Mini-ITX Chassis

Vidabox, makers of those high end Media Center machines, have recently released a Mini-ITX case called the CubeCase, and if you are planning on building your own Media Center or Windows Home Server Vail machine, then you should take a look at this.

Order Your Free iPhone 4 Bumper or Case Now

Following on from Apple’s press conference last week, details have now been released on how to order your bumper or a case – and yes, there is an App for that!

SilverStone Sugo SG07 Mini ITX Case

SilverStone have launched yet another very cool looking pc case – this one called the Sugo SG07.

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