VidaBox RackClientv3 Blu-Ray and Media Extender Launched

VidaBox have today launched a new rack mountable Blu-ray and Media Extender called the RackClientv3.

Plextor Launch PX-B120U USB Blu-ray Drive

Do you want to watch Blu-ray movies on your laptop but don’t have an internal Blu-ray drive? Well Plextor have the answer for you in the guise of their new PX-B12OU USB drive.

Quick Review of the Plextor PX-B940SA Blu-ray Writer

With data storage needs becoming more size intensive, you might want to think about storing your data on Blu-ray.

Six Minute and Six Second Installation of a $60 Blu-Ray drive on a Friday night – Video Edition

We all know that Blu-Ray has the best picture quality available for television, but did you know it is available for your existing PC for as low as $56 online? If your computer meets some basic requirements you can be watching Blu-Ray in a matter of minutes. This Friday night I will show you how to quickly add a Blu-Ray drive to your desktop computer.

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