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Xbox 360 “Ultimate Game Sale” For the 5th July

Major Nelson has posted Day 4 the last day for Xbox Live “Ultimate Game Sale” is here and below are the titles that are on sale...

BradyGames Announces the Official BioShock Infinite Strategy Guides

Explore every part of BioShock Infinite with illustrated maps and a full campaign walkthrough. Take your game further thanks to tips and tactics for using every weapon and ability at the hardest level and find every collectible with detailed lists and appendices.

NVIDIA releases GeForce 314.07 WHQL driver with BioShock Infinite support

The new GeForce 314.22 WHQL driver is now available to download.

Review of BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite, developed by Irrational Games has just been released – is it a worthy successor to the previous BioShock games – read on to find out what we thought.

Watch the first 30 minutes of BioShock Infinite

Watch the first 30 minutes of the new BioShock Infinite game here.

Pre-purchase BioShock Infinite and get 3 free games instantly

Your eyes are not deceiving you! You get 3 free games when you pre-purchase BioShock Infinite from Green Man Gaming

Microsoft’s biggest ever Xbox LIVE Gold Unlock Weekend starts today

Microsoft are having their biggest ever free Xbox LIVE Gold Unlock Weekend, sponsored by Bioshock Infinite. Access amazing online gaming and premier entertainment next weekend from 8th – 10th March, all for free!

BioShock Infinite Lamb of Columbia trailer released

2K Games have released a new trailer for their forthcoming BioShock Infinite game. This trailer is called Lamb of Columbia and focuses on Elizabeth.

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Review: Transport Fever 2

https://youtu.be/pc0TRxRGSP0 Transport Fever 2 - Console Edition is the perfect opportunity to test your OCD mindset and strategic powers. Furthermore, this simulation game enables you...