The Home Server Show 105

Dave and the guys over at the Home Server Show have released show number 105.

Windows Home Server Backup Database Backup (BDBB) Version Released

Alex Kuretz, author of the fantastic and must have Windows Home Server add-in BDBB has just released an update bringing it to version

Using BDBB to Restore a Windows Home Server Backup Database – Video Edition

I use my test Windows Home Server to backup my relatives PCs that do not have WHS. Just before I loaded Vail onto the test server I made a copy of the backup database with the BDBB Add-In from Alex Kuretz. Now that my clear case Atom WHS is up and running I wanted to restore those backups to that WHS. We ALL use the BDBB Add-In but how many of us have actually seen or performed the restore? Check out this short video of the restore process!

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