Using Windows Home Server to upgrade your client hard drive on a Friday night

Most of us have a laptop that probably came with an 80GB or 120 GB hard drive. It has almost certainly crossed your mind to upgrade the drive when a company like Newegg has 250GB to 500GB laptop drives for $79.99. I know for me, upgrading seems like a pain and I do not want to take the time to mess with it. Please read on to see how WHS can make your hard drive replacement as painless and as fast as possible.

10 things I learned about Windows Home Server the hard way (on a Friday night)

Tim Daleo returns with his usual Friday night article. This week see's Tim tell you all 10 things that he learnt about Windows Home Server - the hard way!

Backing up Windows Home Server on a Friday night

Tim Daleo returns to explain how to use the WHS BDBB Add-in to back up your Windows Home Server.

Backing Up a Mac with an HP MediaSmart EX470 or EX475

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article called Backing Up a Mac with an HP MediaSmart EX485 or EX487. The article explained how to back up a Mac using Time Machine to your HP MediaSmart EX485 or EX487. This was possible due to some added software that HP included with the new MediaSmart Servers. Now for all those people who don’t yet have either the EX485 or the EX487, but still have either the EX470 or EX475, MediaSmartHome.com has a detailed article on how to do pretty much the same thing using SMB Shares.

Backing up a Mac with an HP MediaSmart EX485 or EX487

ow that the new HP MediaSmart Servers are shipping, I thought I would post something on how to configure your Apple Mac to use Time Machine to back up to your Windows Home Server.

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