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AntiVirus for WHS 2011 – G Data InternetSecurity for HomeServer

Well after nearly a year of being available, it seems that WHS 2011 has finally got a supported AntiVirus product in the shape of G Data InternetSecurity for HomeServer.

Microsoft Removes AVG Windows Phone 7 App from Marketplace

A few days ago we told you about an anti-virus application for Windows Phone 7 from AVG. Now Microsoft have removed it from their Marketplace following complaints from Windows Phone 7 users.

AVG Release Anti-Virus Software for Windows Phone 7

AVG have released a free Anti-Virus product for Windows Phone 7.

Avast AntiVirus Bad Definition File

One of our readers, Todd Godlin has contacted us to advise about a problem with an update Avast released a few days ago which has caused havoc on his Windows Home Server, including deleting a number of program files!

Norton Internet Security Netbooks Edition

For those of you with a netbook and no external DVD drive, Norton have a surprise for you if you want to buy security software!

Installation of ESET NOD32 on Windows Home Server

One of our new writers, Steven Wanke looks at installing ESET's NOD32 Anti Virus product on Windows Home Server.

Why You Should Always Run Anti Virus Software and Firewalls

Earlier today I was sitting in the lounge of a major International airport and I connected my computer up to their free Internet service, via a wired connection, which is provided to all visitors of the lounge. Literally within minutes my computer was being attacked.

F-Secure Home Server Security Release Candidate

F-Secure Home Server Security Release Candidate now available.

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