WHS Phone Android Client: Developer Interview

Previously, we brought you the add-in developer for WHS Phone, Paul Juenger. We also caught up with the developer for the just-release Android client side application, Reid Holland. Read on to see what Reid has to say about the Android application.

WHS Phone for Android Beta Updated to 1.24

The developer for WHS Phone has updated the beta release to version 1.24 and has fixed some bugs. Development on a pretty useful add-in for WHS version 1 continues. Read on for more details!

Twonky Launch Twonky Mobile App for Apple iPhone and Android

A few days ago Twonky launched their Twonky Mobile app for the Apple iPhone and for Android phones.

Android BBC iPlayer App Review – UK Only (For now)

The BBC released their own native android app for BBC iPlayer today so we’ve decided to run it through its paces to see how well it performs.

Android Market now available through a web browser

This is a quick note more than anything to say that Google now let you access the Android Market through any web browser by going to Android Market.

Subsonic Media Streaming Software

Well this is my first post for usingwindowshomeserver.com and I thought what better way to start than write a review for a fantastic piece of software.

Toshiba Folio 100 Personal Media Tablet

Here at IFA 2010 in Berlin, Toshiba have today announced the Folio 100 Personal Media Tablet device.

Review of AlwaysOnPC for the Apple iPad

Would you like a virtual PC running on your iPad? Do you want to access Flash enabled websites? If yes then take a look at AlwaysOnPC for the Apple iPad.

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