Globalgig mobile hotspot provides cheap and easy data access abroad

Most of us have been abroad and been in the situation where we want to just quickly check email, Facebook or read Connected Digital World, but know that our mobile provider will charge us a fortune for the smallest amount of data. Well now you can avoid that fear with a mobile hotspot from Globalgig.

Vail Remote Web Access and Its Extensibility

There is a new article on the Windows Home Server blog about Vail Remote Web Access and Its Extensibility which is worth a read.

Microsoft Publish Windows Home Server Router Setup Article

If you are still having problems setting up your router for use with your Windows Home Server then Microsoft have published an article that just might help you.

Windows Home Server Shared Folder Access from Taskbar

The Home Server Land blog has a great post this morning on how you can access your Windows Home Server Shared Folders from your Taskbar.

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