Add-In Review : PhotoSync for Windows Home Server

Even as a tech-savvy person, I never really got into Flickr. I’ve just never felt the need to post all my photos online. Still, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid these days—even if I wanted to—and it seemed like I’d get sucked in sooner or later. What better way than through looking at the PhotoSync add-in for Windows Home Server?

Adding mControl to Windows Media Center with Windows Home Server on a Friday Night

It is 7:43 PM on Friday night and my living room light just turned on automatically. Since I often use Windows Media Center (WMC) throughout the house I want to access mControl in WMC. Tonight I will show you how to add the mControl Client to your Windows Media Center PC.

Gigabit Ethernet Upgrade for Windows Home Server

When I built my server I envisioned a paradise where I could have my files centrally stored and called up on a moments notice on any machine. I upgraded my entire network because I hate to wait and certain tasks require a faster network connection.

Windows Home Server – Configs and Tweaks – Part II

After you have the WHS initial setup and configuration done, it’s time to do some tweaking and customizations. (If you purchase(d) the HP MediaSmart, the defaults are not bad. But, where would we be without tweaks and customizations.)

Smartermail Email Server on Windows Home Server

This is a quick tutorial on setting up an email server using your Windows Home Server. There are a few free options out there but I decided to use this as I like some of the features.

Windows Home Server – Configs and Tweaks – Part 1

After you have the Windows Home Server initial setup and configuration done, it’s time to do some tweaking and customizations.

Using the To Desktop Add-in for Windows Home Server

If you are one that tends to use the WHS console rather than using Remote Desktop than this add in could be for you. What this does is allow you to get to your WHS desktop from within a console session.

Installation of ESET NOD32 on Windows Home Server

One of our new writers, Steven Wanke looks at installing ESET's NOD32 Anti Virus product on Windows Home Server.

Review of Seagate FreeAgent Go 320GB USB Hard Drive

Do you need some external storage? Do you need something portable? And by portable I mean something that you could carry around in your pocket? If the answer is yes then look no further than the Seagate FreeAgent GO USB hard drive range.

Windows Home Server Developers : Undocumented WHS classes: QSMMgr

If you are a developer, or are thinking about starting to develop your own add-ins for Windows Home Server, then you should check out a new article by Nick Asseloos.

Add-In Update – @WHSTweet for Windows Home Server

A few weeks ago I reviewed the @WHSTweet add-in written by my friend and fellow WHS MVP Donavon West. Donavon has now released an updated version of this add-in.

Adding an mControl Module to Windows Home Server on a Friday night

I am back from a couple of great week-long vacations and while I was gone Windows Home Server, with the mControl Add-In, has been watching over our home. Windows Home Server controlled two lights I connected so easily I decided to add additional modules for another light and my surround sound speakers.

Installing Windows Home Server on a Motherboard with Intel ICH10R

Guest writer Thorsten Studt sent us a useful guide. He says "After I encountered some trouble while installing Windows Home Server on a board with Intel's ICH10R in AHCI and/or RAID mode, I made a short how to on pushing the required drivers to the installation without burning an OP-DVD. This is it."

Why I got a Windows Home Server

One of our new writers, Michael Peele, tells us why he got a Windows Home Server, and I think it's a tale a lot of us can relate to.

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