Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Now Available

Yes, that’s right, Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 is now available.

Now We Know – 1 in 3 Laptops Fail

Did you know that SquareTrade just published a study that states 1 in 3 Laptop fail over 3 years. They say that two-thirds of these failures are from hardware malfunctions and one-third are from accidental damage. This report reinforces the fact that everyone needs to have a Windows Home Server backing up their PCs!

Tranquil PC Announce Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Support

Tranquil PC have announced that from next week all Windows Home Server's shipped will come with Power Pack 3 as standard and existing customers can get new images as well!

Now We Know – WMC TV Archive Activity

Did you know that if you use the TV Archive function of Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center that it keeps track of the status of the uploads to WHS?

Now We Know – WMC Movie Library Titles

Did you know that if you record a “movie” on cable TV from within your Windows Media Center it will automatically map to your Movie Library?

Win a Windows Home Server with your best Haiku

Would you like to win a Windows Home Server? If the answer is yes, and you live in the US then why not enter this new competition.

Diskeeper 2010 for Windows Home Server Now Available

A little over a week ago, we reported about the impending release of Diskeeper 2010 for Windows Home Server. Well, now it’s available!

Installing a Tuning Adapter in Windows Media Center on a Friday night

I am now in my second week with my new CableCARD ATI Digital Cable Tuner and I will explain how the unit is working with Windows Media Center 7. In addition, I will show you the new Cisco STA1520 Tuning Adapter that my cable company installed today.

KeepVault Version 3.2 Add-In for Windows Home Server

Proxure have just announced version 3.2 of their online backup add-in KeepVault for Windows Home Server.

The Home Server Show Podcast Number 65

Dave over at the Home Server Show Podcast has just released show number 65. This week’s show is great, because our very own Tim Daleo is interviewed 🙂

Christmas Deal from Tranquil PC

If you buy the SQA-5H 3000 Windows Home Server you can get either the Xtreamer or a very cool Leatherman Core Multi-Tool plus Crater Tool absolutely free!

Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Out November 24th

Microsoft today officially announced the release date for Windows Home Server Power Pack 3. We have talked a lot over the last 6 months about PP3, so it’s to finally see it ready for release.

Asus TS Mini Windows Home Server

Asus are launching a new Windows Home Server called the Asus TS Mini.

Sky Player in Windows Media Center Now Live

A few weeks ago I reported about the Sky Player in Windows Media Center being announced at the Windows 7 press launch. Well today, Sky Player is finally live and running.

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