Quick Review of DVBLogic DVBLink Server, TVSource and Network Pack

We have recently posted some How To guides for the various DVBLogic software offerings, now it’s time to actually review them.

The Home Server Show 97

Dave and the guys over at the Home Server Show have released show 97.

The Microsoft MVC Programme

Earlier this week I spent the day with Microsoft as part of the new MVC Programme – what’s that you might ask?

The Media Center Show 261

Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle has released the Media Center Show podcast number 261 and it is a discussion show including me!

Microsoft Publish Windows Home Server Router Setup Article

If you are still having problems setting up your router for use with your Windows Home Server then Microsoft have published an article that just might help you.

Congratulations to the New and Renewed MVPs Everywhere

If you have just been awarded an MVP or have just had it renewed, then congratulations are in order.

AverMedia Launch New USB TV Tuner

AverMedia have launched a new and cheap USB TV Tuner called the AverTV Volar HD Nano A867R.

HP Data Vault X311 Now Available in Europe

Along with a special promotion in Germany, HP have also announced the availability of the Data Vault X311 Windows Home Server in other parts of Europe.

HP X312/X315 Data Vault Promotion in Germany

HP have been in touch with details of an offer for their X312 and X315 Windows Home Servers – but only if you are in Germany.

Hulu Plus Preview Arrives

If you are in the US you can take advantage of the new Hulu Plus Preview.

Windows Server code name VAIL Connector Installation – Video Edition

Want to know what to expect when connecting your client PC to the Vail beta? I set up the connector and created a user account on my Windows Server Vail and made a short video of the process.

Seagate Launch World’s First 3 Terabyte External Desktop Drive

Today Seagate have launched the world’s first 3, yes 3 Terabyte External Hard Drive.

How To Install and Configure DVBLink Server Network Pack v3.01

In another of our How To…. series we look at how to install and configure v3.01 of DVBLink Server Network Pack.

Vail Add-In Review – AWIECO WakeOnLAN – Video Edition

Last week Vail had its first Add-In called AWIECO WakeOnLAN released and John Zajdler and I had a chance to install and review the Add-In. After dozens of email with the developer Andreas, early morning screenshots and event logs, the Add-In is working great and version 0.1.4 is now available for release. Check out our video where John and I cover the Add-In installation and the changes required to enable WOL on your client PCs.

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