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    WHS November Update Out Now

    There is a new update for Windows Home Server that was released today.

    Bletchley Park Receives £330,000 from English Heritage

    Today the Engligh Heritage awarded Bletchley Park £330,000 which will be used to help repair the roof.

    RSA Conference Europe 2008

    Well the RSA Conference Europe 2008 was held last week. It was three days of keynotes, track sessions and special interest groups.

    Windows Home Server is a year old

    ow that Windows Home Server is a year old, and has been released in over 50 countries, Microsoft have reduced the cost of the software by 30%.

    Critical Windows Security Patch Released

    Yesterday Microsoft released a critical Windows security patch outside of their normal "patch Tuesday" schedule.

    Computer Forensics for Dummies

    Just a quick post to say that there is a new "Dummies" book on the market - Computer Forensics for Dummies.

    RSA Security Conference Next Week

    This RSA Conference Europe 2008 is almost upon us - next Monday in fact!

    RSA Conference in 2 Weeks Time

    The RSA Conference Europe 2008 is now less than 2 weeks away.

    Windows 7

    Ok, this week Microsoft finally annouced the official name for Windows 7 - and yes, is Windows 7!

    Congratulations to New WHS MVPs

    Just wanted to say a hearty congratulations to the two new Windows Home Server MVPs - Donovan West and Sam Wood. Welcome to the "Homies".

    RSA Security Conference in Europe

    Just a quick post to say that the RSA Security Conference in Europe is still open for registrations. This year they will have a display of various Enigma machines.

    Windows Home Server Forums Updated

    If you are a visitor to the WHS forums, you will notice that they have just changed and have a new look.

    Power Pack 1 in German, French and Spanish

    For those of you not using the English language version of Windows Home Server, Microsoft have now released a German, French and Spanish version of Power Pack 1.

    WHS Mentioned in Windows Vista Magazine

    Just a quick one to say that the September 2008 issue of Windows Vista The Official Magazine has an article on home storage and mentions WHS.

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