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    Sorry there have not been any updates for a while - I have been very busy over on the WHS forums and writing articles for WGS!

    Busy Week

    Well, I've just got back from Las Vegas where I spent the week at CES with the guys from the WHS team at Microsoft.

    MVP Award

    Im really happy to say that I have just been awarded MVP for Windows Home Server.

    Happy New Year

    Wherever you are in the world, have a very happy new year.

    Merry Xmas

    I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and safe Christmas.

    Review on Amazon and Blog

    Just a quick note to say that the book has received a great review on Amazon.com and also on Robert Stinnett's blog.

    WHS Pod Cast

    A few weeks ago I mentioned the pod cast I did with Ian Dixon over at the Media Center Show and Digital Lifestyle. Its now available.

    New WHS Updates

    There is now a few new updates to WHS, including one that fixes that annoying certificate error.

    Lots Happening

    Well there appears to be a lot happening in the world of Windows Home Server.

    WHS 120 Day Eval now available to order

    Finally the 120 day evaluation edition of WHS is available to order from the Microsoft website.

    Windows Home Server Podcast

    Today was interviewed by Ian Dixon for the DigitalLifeStyle.com podcast. The subject was Windows Home Server and also my book, The Windows Home Server Users Guide.

    Order the Windows Home Server Users Guide now

    Now that the book is out, you can order it from Amazon, or your favourite book store.

    New WHS Addin For Event Monitoring

    ave Mercer has developed a cool new add-in to monitor the events on your Windows Home Server.

    Book mention on MS Blog

    The book has been mentioned on the official MS WHS Blog.

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