AVA Media NVT for Windows Media Center

Tranquil have just released a free add-in for Windows Media Center called AVA Media NVT – which stands for Network Video Transcoder. And all they ask in return is a optional donation to Cancer Research UK.

Western Digital Photos Photo Viewer for iDevices Released

Back in April we reported about the release of a photo viewer for the iPhone from WD called WD Photos. Now they have updated it to include support for the iPhone 4 and also the iPad – and its still free.

The Digital Lifestyle Show 275 2 MVPs

Ian over at the Digital has just released the Digital Lifestyle Show number 275 – can yes, I am on it again, in fact, I am co-hosting with Garry.

My Movies for Windows Home Server 1.61 Pre Release 1

My Movies, that great add-in for Windows Media Center was recently updated to version 3.17 and now there is a 1.61 Pre Release 1 build for Windows Home Server.

AutoExit 2009 UR-1 for Windows Home Server Out Now

Hot on the heels of the beta release for AutoExit 2010, ASoft have just released UR-1 for AutoExit 2009.

UWHS HomeServerSync Giveaway Three Results

Over the last several weeks we have teamed up with our friends at Tranquil PC to give away some two year subscriptions to their HomeServerSync add-in for Windows Home Server. Now its time to reveal the final winners and a extra surprise.

Lights-Out Add-In Technical Preview for Windows Server code name Vail – Video Edition

AxoNet Software has just released a technical preview of their Lights-Out Add-In for Windows Server code name Vail and Aurora. This Add-In, which is now available for download, provides the same functionality as the Lights-Out Add-In for WHS v1. This new Vail/Aurora Add-In will allow you to manage your server and the PCs on your network with ease. Read on to find out more and watch a short video of the installation process and key features!

Using Windows Home Server and HomeServerSync Final Giveaway Still Time to Enter

Over the last several weeks we have teamed up with our friends at Tranquil PC to give away some two year subscriptions to their HomeServerSync add-in for Windows Home Server. This is the final giveaway – 5, yes 5, two year subscriptions and you still have a few days left to enter.

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