Windows Home Server – The Next Version Webcast

Microsoft are advertising a webcast for Microsoft Partners called “5W/50 Series – Windows Home Server – The Next Version”. This is a free to attend webcast due to take place on Friday 5th June 2009 at 9am Pacific US time, for an hour.

Epson to Release New Windows Home Server

According to Akihabaranews in Japan, Epson are going to release a new Windows Home Server called the SV120h.

Single Sign-on with ASP.NET on Windows Home Server

Brendan Grant has just published an article on utilising single sign-on with ASP.NET on your Windows Home Server in order to use with custom web applications.

Acer easyStore Home Server European Pricing Revealed

Terry over at We Got Served has the low down on the European pricing of Acer’s two easyStore Home Servers.

Building an Astaro Personal Firewall with Spare or Low End Parts

My friend, and fellow MVP, Pete Stagman has just published the first in a series of articles on how you can build your own Astaro Personal Firewall with either spare or low end parts, and no other cost.

Installing the Grid Junction Add-In to Windows Home Server on a Friday night

Tim Daleo walks you through installing the Grid Junction Add-in to Windows Home Server.

Why You Should Always Run Anti Virus Software and Firewalls

Earlier today I was sitting in the lounge of a major International airport and I connected my computer up to their free Internet service, via a wired connection, which is provided to all visitors of the lounge. Literally within minutes my computer was being attacked.

Extending Windows Home Server with WSUS – Updated

A while ago now, my friend and fellow MVP, Kevin Royalty wrote an article on how to use the Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) using your Windows Home Server. Kevin has since updated the article to include an automated way of performing maintenance. So, here it is – thanks Kevin!

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