Book mention on MS Blog

The book has been mentioned on the official MS WHS Blog.

Book is available and in stock

Good news -the book is now out and is in stock with

My Book is available now as an ebook

ood news for anyone who wants to get their hands on my book now - you can buy the ebook version directly from the Apress website and its only $17.50.

My book is out next week

My book, the Windows Home Server User's Guide should be out next week.

Avast WHS AntiVirus Beta 2

Just a quick entry to say that Beta 2 of the WHS specific version of Avast Anti Virus is now available for download.

Anti Virus Beta and other stuff

There have been a few things happening over the last week or so with Windows Home Server.


There have been a few people who have just been awarded MVP for WHS.

WHS Code2Fame Challenge Winners

On Wednesday, September 26th at an event on Microsoft campus, a group of judges including industry experts and Microsoft executives selected the winners of the Code2Fame Challenge.

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