Crypto games: a guide to the new online gaming trend

With the creation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, many new opportunities and experiences emerged, all of them based on the same premise: decentralized control.  Cryptocurrencies were...

The Benefits Of Online Investment Opportunities

Investing your money is something that’s worth doing if you’re able to deal with the risks that come with it. And thankfully, with the...

Biggest data breaches of 2020

Despite the world stopping in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, hackers were as active as never before and took advantage of the economic disruption amid this global crisis, breaching thousands of databases and leaking a huge amount of private and sensitive information. The number of cyberattacks grows with each year, and 2020 saw another spike in cybercrime.

Two Minute Review: Lexar Professional 1066x microSDXC UHS-I Card SILVER Series

Here is our two minute review of the Lexar Professional 1066x SDXC UHS-I Card SILVER Series.

Two Minute Review: Lexar PLAY microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card

Here is our two minute review of the Lexar PLAY microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card.

Review: Orbi Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System

Here is our review of the Orbi Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System.

Review: HyperX Cloud Buds Wireless Headphones

Here is our review of the HyperX Cloud Buds Wireless Headphones.

How To Spot An Advanced Online Scam

Scammers are becoming more and more advanced, to the point where even savvy tech-heads are sometimes being caught unawares. Advanced developers are creating super sleek, almost carbon-copy versions of well known brands or corporation websites, meaning that more and more innocent people are becoming the victims of cyber crime.

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Review: 41 Hours: Prologue

Texelworks hypes up their upcoming May 2021 First-Person Shooter (FPS) experience. 41 Hours will take you through an immersive journey including time travel, portals,...

Review: Tetra Cube

Review: Synergia

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Synology Announce Two New High Performance NAS Servers

Today Synology have announced two new high performance NAS servers – the DiskStation DS411+ and the RackStation RS810+.

Android 4.0 (ICS) Coming to Sony Tablet S

Android version 4.0, known also as ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich is coming to the Sony Tablet S, according to a post in Sony’s support forums.

Home Movie Screening Gets Cinematic Boost

Signify the world leader in lighting, and makers of Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, has conducted research on the latest movie watching trends and the nation’s favourite blockbusters.