Unboxing the Synology USB Station 2

Here we take a look at unboxing the new Synology USB Station 2 device.

Vudu’s HD On-Demand Movie Service Soon to Appear on Boxee

Boxee today announced that Vudu, the on-demand movie streaming service would soon be available to Boxee users, including on the forthcoming Boxee Box.

BYOB and The Home Server Show Podcast now on the FREE BlackBerry Podcasts App

If you have a Blackberry you can download the free Blackberry Podcast app by RIM and get all of your favorite podcasts including BYOB and The Home Server Show Podcast! Spend two minutes and read the instructions below to get all of the current podcasts!

Roku XDS Player First Look Video – A Supplement to BYOB Podcast #17

In episode #17 of the BYOB podcast we discussed Media Players and how we use them. During the podcast, when talking about the Roku XDS, it was asked if this player could get content from your home network. Out of the box is does NOT, but I am hoping to find a hack or solution in the coming months. The Roku does however, make the grade for being a great media player for online content. Read on to see the specs and watch a short video on the Roku XDS.

Western Digital Photos Photo Viewer for iDevices Released

Back in April we reported about the release of a photo viewer for the iPhone from WD called WD Photos. Now they have updated it to include support for the iPhone 4 and also the iPad – and its still free.

bigtrak – Retro Gadget Unboxing

When I was a little boy one Christmas I got bigtrak – and it was cool! Now bigtrak is back and here we have an unboxing.

Logitech TV Cam for Logitech Revue

Rounding off the releases for the Logitech Revue is an HD video camera called the Logitech TV Cam which can be used for various things, including video conferencing.

Logitech Mini Controller for the Revue

Yesterday Logitech announced a new device called the Revue. It comes with a keyboard but you can buy a Mini Controller instead, and the controller looks very cool!

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Microsoft’s original Surface now called PixelSense

Last night Microsoft announced their tablet and they called it Surface. That was a little strange considering they already had a product called Surface! Well now the original Surface is called PixelSense.

Hands-on Review of the Parker Ingenuity Pen

You may be asking why would we review a pen? Well, before iPads, and Ultrabooks, those of us old enough to remember such things used to use something called a pen to use with our notebooks. In fact, you could say that was the ultimate bit of technology then, and now Parker has taken that to the next level with their new Ingenuity Pen.

Facebook App for Windows Phone Updated to version 2.6

The Facebook app for Windows Phone has been updated to version 2.6.