My Book is available now as an ebook

ood news for anyone who wants to get their hands on my book now - you can buy the ebook version directly from the Apress website and its only $17.50.

My book is out next week

My book, the Windows Home Server User's Guide should be out next week.


There have been a few people who have just been awarded MVP for WHS.

Book Cover Artwork

Well I've now seen the cover artwork for the book, and its all looking great.

Problems with Blog availability

Just wanted to say sorry to anyone who has been trying to access the blog today and couldn’t! Basically my provider was upgrading their infrastructure which meant it was unavailable.

Microsoft Windows Home Server Virtual Launch Event

The Microsoft Partner Program are having a live webcast on the 1st October 2007 (WHS Launch Day).

WHS Launch Date

It looks like the launch date for Windows Home Server has finally been confirmed as being 1st October 2007.

The book is nearly ready….

The Windows Home Server User's Guide book is now complete....

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