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How To Install and Configure DVBLink Server and TVSource v3.01

In another of our How To…. series we look at how to install and configure v3.01 of DVBLink Server and TVSource.

AMD CPU Upgrade and Corsair H50 Installation on a Friday night – Video Edition

I did it again. I bought another Dell Outlet PC and I am going to upgrade the CPU and add on a H50 Corsair CPU cooler. This PC is for my mobile work bench, and testing equipment in the garage, so cooling is important. I had some extra space on the side of the rolling cabinet and wanted to keep the top clear for equipment and video. Wait till you see where the H50 went...

Ventilating a Windows Home Server Cabinet on a Friday night – Video Edition

I had a plain and ugly server cabinet on Thursday. With a trip to Ikea and the Cooler Guys, I am now the owner of a sweet, well ventilated, wife-accepted server storage facility. This is not a rack or a case. If the cabinet door in your living room is propped open then this article is for you too. Read on to see what I ended up creating…

Using BDBB to Restore a Windows Home Server Backup Database – Video Edition

I use my test Windows Home Server to backup my relatives PCs that do not have WHS. Just before I loaded Vail onto the test server I made a copy of the backup database with the BDBB Add-In from Alex Kuretz. Now that my clear case Atom WHS is up and running I wanted to restore those backups to that WHS. We ALL use the BDBB Add-In but how many of us have actually seen or performed the restore? Check out this short video of the restore process!

How to Build An Awesome Home Server Video

The guys over at have published a video on how to build an awesome Home Server.

Windows Server code name VAIL beta backup – Video Edition

Want to know what to expect when setting up your backup in the Vail beta? I set up the initial backup process on my Windows Server Vail and made a short video of the process. Check it out!

Microsoft Windows Home Server code name VAIL beta Remote Access Setup – Video Edition

Want to know what to expect when setting up Remote Access for the Vail beta? John “Diehard” Zajdler and I set up Remote Access on my Windows Home Server Vail beta and made a short video of the process.

Atom Windows Home Server build on a Friday night – Purchase and Assembly – Video Edition

After a few calls with Christoper Lux from Home Server Show I decided to do a Windows Home Server build based on the D510 Intel Atom processor. Read on and check out the two HD videos showing the Windows Home Server build.

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Now that the Windows Home Server 2011 RC is out, it’s time to share a couple more videos with you.

Windows Server code name VAIL Connector Installation – Video Edition

Want to know what to expect when connecting your client PC to the Vail beta? I set up the connector and created a user account on my Windows Server Vail and made a short video of the process.

Now We Know – Fixing TV Archive

Did you know that it is possible for the TV Archive function in your Windows Media Center to become corrupt? Want to know how to fix it?