Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn part 2 released

343 Industries has premiered the second part of the live-action digital series, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

Still time to Win BradyGames’ Official World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Strategy Guide

BradyGames, masters of the official strategy guide, have launched its Official Strategy Guide for Blizzard Entertainment’s Mists of Pandaria and we have two copies to give away!

Football’s coming home with Lords of Football from Geniaware

If you like games like the Sims, and you also like football, then you might be interested in Lords of Football from Geniaware when it’s released on the PC soon.

Carnage Racing from Jagex coming to Facebook in November

Carnage Racing from Jagex coming to Facebook in November

Aston Villa’s Darren Bent and Medal of Honor Warfighter

Aston Villa footballer, Darren Bent, fronts a trick-shot awareness test with the hottest freestyle talent – and it’s all to do with Medal of Honor Warfighter so take a look.

Hollywood Visionaries David Fincher and Tim Miller Create Halo 4 Launch Trailer

Today Microsoft and 343 Industries announced renowned Hollywood director David Fincher (“Fight Club,” “The Social Network,” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) as executive producer and acclaimed visual effects lead Tim Miller (“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) as the director of the launch trailer for the most anticipated blockbuster game of the year, “Halo 4.”

Exclusive Far Cry 3 Interview with Dan Hay and Jamie Kean

A few weeks ago we were invited to a location in the heart of London to play the first three hours of Far Cry 3 from Ubisoft, and to also interview some of the people involved in the game.

Win a signed and framed Sleeping Dogs print by Tyler Stout and a copy of the game – The Winners

To celebrate the launch of Sleeping Dogs, a gritty and visceral open world cop drama videogame set in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, Connected Digital World teamed up with Square Enix to offer one lucky winner the chance to win a signed and framed Sleeping Dogs print by Tyler Stout (60cm x 90cm) and a limited edition copy of the game. And it’s time to announce the winners.

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