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Phill has been the director of a small IT repair business since 2011 which he runs alongside studying for his degree in Information and Communication Technologies at the Open University. Video games are his real passion and they take up more of his time than he'd like to admit.

Review of Ubisofts Far Cry 3

Tropical islands and beautiful vistas with a couple of absolutely insane villains to make sure you don't get lonely. Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?

Playstation Plus instant games collection update on 5th December

Three new free games for Plus subscribers well worth a look, coming soon to the Playstation Store.

Freemium, blessing or curse?

The free-to-play business model has made its mark. Let's see what the model could offer to console gaming in the future.

Get ready for the next battle! Tekken: Tag Tournament 2 Review

Beating people up in a visually impressive way without the pesky legality issues. Namco has Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to help.

First week of Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 Multiplayer

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 has been here for nearly a week. Find out how my first week online with Treyarchs Black Ops 2 has gone!

Aliens Invade! Review of XCOM:Enemy Unknown from Firaxis and 2K

Find out what Firaxis has done with their reimagining of XCOM. Join the struggle for earth!

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Review: HONOR Pad 8

Here is our review of the new HONOR Pad 8.

Review: Gamesir X2 Pro

Review: Apex 9 TKL