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Daniel Waite

Former editor and reviewer for, I've now found a new home to write my reviews, and get my opinion out to the masses. Still the lead admin for Xboxseriesfans on Facebook and Instagram. I love the gaming world, and writing about it. I can be contacted at [email protected] for gaming reviews.

Review: Gravity Heroes

Who needs gravity when you have guns?

Review: Boris the Rocket

Life is all about the motherland.

Review: NieR Replicant

A futuristic world with a deadly disease!

Review: Gods Will Fall

Life is cruel, and people can only take so much punishment before they must rise up.

Review: Demon’s Crystals

Send these monsters back to their graves.

Review: Crime Opera

Family is all that matters.

Review: Bladed Fury

Revenge, passion, and justice!

Review: Butcher

Can't we just be friends.

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