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Charles Ombler

Hey! I'm Charles. I play games and then I write about them, like some kind of nerd. I can usually be found in my pyjamas with a cup of Earl Grey or over on Twitter: @CharlesOmbler

Review: Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing goes splat. I can't ride a bike. I never learned and, at this stage of my life, learning to...

Review: Orwell’s Animal Farm

Old MacStalin had a farm, ee-eye ee-eye oh. Orwell's Animal Farm, as you can probably tell from the title, is a video game-ized retelling of...

Review: Sakura Wars

Sakura Wars: For when you want a day off from feminism Sakura Wars is the sixth entry in the Sakura Wars franchise because games companies...

Review: Tiny Racer

The racer isn't all that's tiny. There's a commonly seen phenomenon in video games journalism where reviews never give a score lower than six. This...

Review: Adventures of Pip

There ain't no Pip like an 8-bit Pip. While a lot of games try to do a lot of things relatively well, it's my opinion...

Review: Skelattack

The best Skeldefense is a good Skelattack.Skelattack is a brutal, unforgiving and exacting test of your reflexes, patience and fine motor control which is...

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