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Review: X2 Recliner


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The X2 Recliner from FlexiSpot combines elegance and comfort. Furthermore, this plush chair is well-built and great to look at. Accordingly, this is the perfect addition to any living room or snug. Alternatively, maybe you have a quiet location in your office that needs something super relaxing. Either way, this chair is the ideal choice. 

Built from high-quality materials, the X2 Recliner cradles your body in all the right places. Moreover, the smooth motors and easy-to-use controls ensure that it is child’s play to find a comfortable position. Alongside this, if you fancy a nap in your new chair, you can. Thanks to the reclining back, you can sleep the afternoon away.

What’s in the box of the X2 Recliner?

  • The chair is delivered in 2 large and heavy boxes. As such, be careful when you lift them.
  • The X2 Recliner comes in 4 parts. Each element is easy to handle and constructing this product is straightforward.
  • Power this furniture with the power cable and transformer. 
  • Learn how to build this with the user guide.

Technical aspects.

Finding a chair that is ideal for small spaces is a pain. However, the X2 Recliner seamlessly fits into many tight spaces. Moreover, its near-silent motors ensure that you can use it no matter the time of day. Alongside this, full-range movement with leg and back support ensures that your comfort is always at the fore.

Adjusting this product was incredibly easy to achieve. With two metallic buttons to press, the chair is straightforward to operate. Furthermore, extending the moveable parts takes no time at all. Thanks to the powerful motors, the chair can be adjusted in the blink of an eye. Additionally, a handy USB-A port allows you to charge your mobile phone or tablet without trailing cables or tripping hazards.

Constructing the chair.

Putting this together wasn’t a complex task. Moreover, you can build it as a solo project if you so wish. However, to make things easier, I’d suggest asking a loved one or friend to help you out. If you want to tackle this alone, I recommend using the packaging to prevent any damage to the material.

Following the step-by-step guide was a cinch because of the handy images. Yet, I’d suggest a reasonably sized room to construct the chair as it’ll make things go a lot easier. Additionally, don’t worry if DIY isn’t your thing as limited talent or skills are required to complete this project. All told I believe it took me around 20 minutes from start to finish.

Build quality.

Though the smooth motor and reclining action impressed me, the build quality is where the X2 Recliner excels. Available in either white or orange, this chair can suit any environment. Furthermore, thanks to the waterproof and scratch-resistant technical fabric, scuffs and marks are kept to a minimum. 

This product combines an iron frame with wood-structured oversized armrests for endurance and utmost comfort. Furthermore, it has a large seat depth to support your body without the feeling of claustrophobia or being trapped. Additionally, the USB port and metal switches are well-placed to increase usability.

However, the piece de resistance has to be the faux leather material and the high-quality padding. First, the material is easy to maintain and looks easy to the eye. The clean finish delivers a sophisticated and elegant appearance that will impress you from the off. What’s more, the padding will not sag and this helps the chair to retain its shape and full body support.

Is the X2 Recliner worth it?

Elegance and usability are rarely combined. Consequently, the X2 Recliner does an amazing job of breaking the mould. This plush chair seamlessly blends into any environment. What’s more, it is straightforward to use and built to last. Accordingly, if you need a comfortable and supportive chair that looks amazing, then I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on FlexiSpot can be found here!)

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