NewsNews: Black Friday roundup

News: Black Friday roundup


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It is that time again for another Black Friday roundup. This eclectic blend of products covers child-friendly goods, security cameras, a high-tech doorbell, and some of the best cooking items on the market. Furthermore, there are some massive savings to be had this November.

If you want to spoil your kids with some amazing tech or you wish to improve the security of your house, then this is the roundup for you. Alternatively, maybe you wish to save money whilst cooking without jeopardising quality or taste. If this is the case, then I suggest that you keep on reading.

What’s available during this Black Friday roundup?

Time to focus on your kids!

myFirst Fone R1s.

The All-in-one Kid’s SmartWatch with a combination of phone, GPS, music player, camera, clock, and fitness tracker. The myFirst Fone R1s enables kids to explore their independence while parents have peace of mind with powerful safety and connectivity features.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL – RRP £189 – NOW £151.20 (20% OFF) on myFirst UK Official Store

myFirst CareBuds Earbuds for Kids.

The myFirst CareBuds earbuds are specifically designed to provide young children with a safe and enjoyable audio experience. These revolutionary earbuds combine cutting-edge technology with a focus on safety, making them the ideal choice for parents seeking a worry-free listening solution for their kids.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL – RRP £49.90 – NOW £39.92 (20% OFF) on myFirst UK Official Store

myFirst Camera 3.

myFirst Camera 3 breaks the stereotype of a child’s camera being a toy as Camera 3 works like any standard digital camera and more! See through your child’s eyes with the amazing photos this camera can produce!

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL – RRP £79.90 – NOW £63.92 (20% OFF) on myFirst UK Official Store

Keep those kids products going.

myFirst 3dPen Make.

Say goodbye to messy wires! Our wireless myFirst 3dPen Make boasts an inbuilt battery with convenient USB charging. No cords to tangle with – just pure, unrestricted creative freedom! Watch their ideas come to life with lightning-fast solidification thanks to our low-heat filament. No need to wait around – it dries in a flash! And the best part? It’s non-adhesive and super easy to clean up.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL – RRP £39 – NOW £31.20 (20% OFF) on myFirst UK Official Store

myFirst Headphones AirWaves.

myFirst Headphone AirWaves prioritize your child’s safety with an open-ear design that keeps them aware of their surroundings. The ergonomic build ensures comfort, while non-isolating sound technology allows for enjoyable, yet safe, music and gaming experiences. Ideal for active kids, they offer parents peace of mind during use.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL – RRP £39.90 – NOW £31.90 (20% OFF) on myFirst UK Official Store

JLab JBuddies Play Kids Gaming Headset.

The JBuddies Play kids gaming headset has a built-in volume regulator that ensures kids never listen past 85db to protect their ears. With young ones in mind – and a game to win, JBuddies Play wireless headset has 22+ hours of playtime and provides all-day comfort and cushion support for when the kids want to play games endlessly.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 17th – 27th November – RRP £29.99 – NOW £22.99 on Amazon

Time to focus on your security.

Imou A1 4MP Security Indoor Micro Dome Camera.

The IMOU A1 Micro Pan & Tilt camera is great in a small package with full room coverage and H.265 recording. With two options available, it can be bought in Full HD 1080P or Super HD 2K (2 x 1080P resolution). One of the smallest smart cameras in its category the A1 is packed with features that leave the other in its dust and has Cloud or Local SD Card Recording.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 1st – 30th November – RRP £39.99 – NOW £34.99 from VeryCurrysB&, La Redoute, Ebuyer and Laptops Direct

Imou Outdoor Bullet Camera.

The IMOU Bullet camera is an outdoor battery camera with options to have both 2K and 4K quality images for better and more detailed images and videos than 1080P. 100% wire-free with a DC 5V rechargeable battery, it delivers well-rounded home protection for up to 120 days on one single charge. Easy to use and install, it is wireless so no need to connect it to electrical wiring and it is also IP65 weatherproof so can survive any storms!

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 1st – 30th November – 2MP – RRP £49.99 – NOW £39.99 from VeryCurrysB& RedouteEbuyereBay and Laptops Direct

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 1st – 30th November – 4MP – RRP £59.99 – NOW £44.99 from VeryB& RedouteEbuyereBay and Laptops Direct

Imou Cruiser Outdoor Pan/Tilt Camera.

The IMOU Cruiser is an Outdoor Pan/Tilt Camera with full-colour night vision, spotlights, AI human detection, 2-way audio, a 110dB siren for scaring away intruders, H.265 and a local hotspot connection. Available in 2MP and 4MP, there is a price point and quality to suit all needs to look after the home.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 1st – 30th November –  2MP – RRP £79.99 – NOW £39.99 from VeryCurrysB& RedouteEbuyereBay and Laptops Direct

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 1st – 30th November – 4MP – RRP £99.99 – NOW £64.99 from VeryCurrysB& RedouteEbuyereBay and Laptops Direct

Imou 2023 Red Dot Award-winning 2k wireless Cell Go Smart Security Camera.

Providing users with advanced features, such as motion detection, 2K night vision, two-way audio, built-in 4GB storage and one year of free cloud storage, the battery-powered Cell Go is a powerful security solution.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 1st – 30th November – RRP £69.99 – NOW £42.99 from VeryB& RedouteEbuyerLaptops Direct and eBay

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 1st – 30th November – CELL GO + SOLAR KIT BUNDLE – RRP £89.99 – NOW £62.99 from VeryB& RedouteEbuyerLaptops Direct and eBay

Keep your property safe with these cameras thanks to the Black Friday roundup.

IMOU Rex 3D, a panoramic 360° pan and tilt camera.

With 1080P Full HD live monitoring and pan & tilt feature, Rex ensures every corner of your home is completely covered. Advanced Human Detection algorithms quickly find human targets in the images and send a notification to you so you can monitor what’s important without receiving false alerts. With a built-in spotlight and siren, Rex actively keeps unwelcome visitors away from what you care about.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 1st – 30th November – RRP £49.99 – NOW £39.99 from VeryB& RedouteEbuyerLaptops Direct and eBay

IMOU Knight 4K Ultra HD Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera.

The IMOU Knight 4K Ultra HD Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera is IP66 weather-resistant and packed full of features including colour night vision, AI-based detection and a deep learning algorithm, a 600-lumen spotlight, 110dB alarm and two-way audio, the Knight provides the best-in-class security at an affordable price point.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 1st – 30th November – RRP £149.99 – NOW £99.99 from VeryCurrysB& RedouteEbuyerLaptops Direct and eBay

IMOU Cue 2 1080P Indoor Camera.

The IMOU Cue 2 is a compact, wide-angle, 1080P smart home security camera with more features than most. Not only does this device recognise the difference between humans and other moving objects thanks to its AI Human Detection, to reduce false video alerts and make it ideal for pet monitoring; it will also listen out for abnormal sounds such as glass breaking, a baby crying, an alarm or even someone shouting for help to send a separate notification and the 2-way audio allows users to communicate through it.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 1st – 30th November – RRP £29.99 – NOW £21.99. From VeryCurrysB& RedouteEbuyer and Laptops Direct

IMOU DB61i 2K Wired Video Doorbell.

With the IMOU DB61i, you can see, hear and speak to visitors at any time and anywhere. Accordingly, home or away, you can always see who’s at the door with its 5MP sensor. The doorbell presents crystal clear 5MP Super HD Video thanks to its high-quality sensors. Using the two-way talk feature, it is easy to answer the door and talk to visitors. Additionally, the quick responses can be recorded or selected for a customised greeting message.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 1st – 30th November – RRP £109.99 – NOW £89.99. From VeryB& RedouteEbuyereBay and Laptops Direct

Knock, knock, who is at the door?

Aqara G4 Doorbell.

The Aqara G4 is a unique video doorbell as it can be hard-wired or battery-powered. Moreover, it is the first battery-powered video doorbell to work with Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video. Additionally, it supports streaming to Google and Alexa smart displays. Beyond HomeKit Secure Video, the G4 offers a wide range of features and capabilities, including; 1080p video recording, a 162-degree wide-angle lens, two-way audio communication, motion detection, AI facial recognition, infrared night vision, weather resistance and full customisation.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 17th – 27th November – RRP £119.99 – NOW £89.99 from Aqara

It’s cooking time.

Remoska Black Prima Portable Oven  – Available in a smaller 2L (400W) version and a larger 4L (580W).

Designed to take the cooking world by storm, the Prima is multi-purpose. Furthermore, it can bake, roast and grill food whilst also energy saving. Additionally, it is a versatile and compact kitchen appliance. The compact portable oven provides an innovative and convenient approach to cooking and is available in a 2L size or 4L. Its unique design allows heat to circulate evenly and it can enhance flavours and keep food succulent.

Prima 2L – Available from Amazon  and Remoska – RRP £169.99 – now £128.99 (1st – 30th November)

Black (NEW) – Available from Amazon and Remoska– RRP £169.99 – now £118.99 (1st – 30th November)

Prima 4L – Available from Amazon and Remoska – RRP £189.99 – now £149.99 (1st – 30th November)

Remoska Tria 3-in-1 Oven-to-Table Electric Cooker – 4.5L.

The 4.5-litre cooking pot is coated with three layers of high-quality non-stick coating. As such, it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Moreover, its smart design allows it to be carried straight to the dining table. What’s more, the trivet keeps the hot pan off the countertop while it cooks or after it comes out of a conventional oven.

Tria – Available from Amazon and Remoska – RRP £219.99 – now £169.99 (1st – 30th November)

Plenty of choice in this Black Friday roundup.

These Black Friday roundup deals highlight the great products available to you this November. Moreover, each of these items can be purchased for a fantastic price. Additionally, they are high quality and won’t disappoint anyone who invests. As such, don’t miss out on some phenomenal goods. Furthermore, there are other amazing items highlighted in another Black Friday roundup!

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