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Preview: Zero Sievert


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Zero Sievert is so brutal that it made me shudder, scream, and cry like a baby. However, this sadomasochistic title keeps you coming back for more! No matter how many times you are knocked down, killed, and defeated, you’ll grit your teeth, wipe the sweat from your brow, and vow to overcome the ever-so-cruel odds.

This top-down extraction shooter was developed by CABO Studio and published by Modern Wolf. Moreover, there are distinct survival elements and its harsh nature is reminiscent of Tarkov. Accordingly, if you love to fail miserably, whilst trying to be a hero, then this game is right up your street.

Use your laser attachment to improve your accuracy.
User your laser attachment to improve your accuracy.

Zero Sievert tells an oppressive tale.

The world as you know it has ceased to exist. In its place is a barren nuclear wasteland filled with death, destruction, and danger. However, you cannot afford to sit on your laurels as there are tasks to complete and scavenging to be completed. Yet, each of these goals is filled with danger and death is all but assured. Subsequently, it takes balls of steel and a crazy mindset to excel. But if you can overcome the odds, the rewards are mind-blowing and the citizens of your bunker will be forever grateful.

The story may not be that original, but the gameplay is so wonderfully addictive that I didn’t care. Moreover, the blend of characters and the weapons on offer ensure that you never get bored. Furthermore, there is the ability to improve your character as well as tiered items to collect and a whole range of base-building elements to master. As such, this has its fingers in many pies and mastering the core gameplay is no mean feat.

Death and scavenging.

This genre is renowned for its brutality and death is just par for the course. However, Zero Sievert reasonably deals with this issue. Thankfully, you only lose whatever you’ve gained on your current run. Accordingly, though death is painful to accept, you never lose your starting equipment. As such, you can take your best guns without the risk of losing them all to a wolf, ghoul, or bandit.

Once you get to terms with this concept, the action is much easier to understand. What’s more, you are free to gamble as much of your scavenged gear as you wish. As you explore each area, you’ll encounter abandoned houses, hidden caches, caves, camps, and much more. Accordingly, you can explore each one or ignore them altogether. Whatever you decide, you must live with the consequences. 

The longer you spend on each expedition, the more danger you’ll face. Furthermore, there is a day/night cycle to contend with, intelligent opponents to tackle, and horrific mutations to annihilate. On top of this, you must manage your food, stamina, weapons, ammo, fatigue, and more. Additionally, you must manage your inventory and carrying too much can cause plenty of issues. As such, you must weigh up whether to find guns, quest items, upgrade products, or food and medical supplies.

You have your own area of the base in Zero Sievert.
Improve your area of the base.

Base building and quests.

Though the expedition element is the core gameplay loop, you must focus on base building and quests if you wish to progress. Alongside this, there is a challenging reputation system that enables you to enhance your options and progress to other areas. Consequently, you cannot mindlessly wander the wastelands if you wish to progress.

The quests are area-specific and cannot be accomplished easily. As such, success isn’t guaranteed and this makes Zero Sievert harder still. Moreover, improving your area of the bunker is tough and takes plenty of trips to the dangerous wastelands. Subsequently, if you wish to improve your chances and explore unique areas, you’ll need to be focused and brave.

Zero Sievert looks fantastic.

Though the simple pixelated graphics won’t appeal to everyone, I adored the garish and often grim approach. What’s more, the varied backdrops and array of enemies that you’ll face were fascinating. Alongside this, I loved the limited visibility and how the day/night cycle impacted your ability to explore. As a consequence, Zero Sievert is a devilishly tense affair that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The audio complements the oppressive and sinister atmosphere. The sombre soundtrack fills you with dread and fear. Sadly, this feeling doesn’t fade as the sound effects are cruel and often uncomfortable. Whether it was the howling of a wolf, the pounding of the rain, or distant gunshots, you could never relax. Accordingly, Zero Sievert does everything within its power to fill you with dread and fear.

The ghouls are surrounded by blood and body parts.
What happened here?

A steep learning curve.

The basic principles were easy to understand. However, getting the most out of the action isn’t that easy. As such, you quickly realise this has a steep learning curve and mastering every element isn’t straightforward. Yet, if you can overcome the initial challenges, you soon discover a title that is incredibly deep and tough to put down.

It is this depth that makes you come back for more. Additionally, you can play this as a casual title if you so wish. However, if you want to get the most out of it, you need to invest plenty of time and effort to understand every minor detail.

Zero Sievert is an amazing Early Access title.

Early Access titles can be horrible to play. Normally, they are loaded with bugs and cause no end of problems. Luckily, though, Zero Sievert is well-considered and runs smoothly. Yes, I encountered the odd issue here or there, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. As such, I can’t wait to see how this develops. 

If you want a brutal game that tests your skills, and patience, then this is the game for you. Not only will it make you scream, but it is so good that you’ll curse the moment you installed it. Consequently, wait no longer and purchase your copy here!

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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