ReviewsReview: Tranya Nova Lite earphones

Review: Tranya Nova Lite earphones


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The Tranya Nova Lite earphones are an affordable but tech-packed audio option that will not disappoint. These lightweight and comfortable earphones include some high-end features at a surprisingly low price point. Accordingly, I was impressed by their build quality, audio quality, and usability.

Priced at $69.99 these are a great mid-level pair of earphones. Furthermore, the Starlight colour (cream), looks fantastic and the silicone ear tips are snug and pleasant in your ears. Alongside this, the charging case is robust and simple to use. As such, if you want a plug-and-play audio device that won’t break the bank, then look no further.

What’s in the box of the Tranya Nova Lite earphones?

  • The striking packaging catches your eye. What’s more, it is recyclable and it keeps the contents secure.
  • The Tranya Nova Lite earphones are compact and easy to handle. Moreover, there are no external buttons and this creates a sleek finish.
  • The magnetic charging case lets you protect your earbuds and charge them on the move. Additionally, it can fit in your pocket or your bag.
  • You are provided with spare ear tips to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Charge the case with the USB-C cable.
  • Learn the fundamentals with the user manual.

Technical Aspects.

I’m a bit of an ANC snob these days. Accordingly, if my headphones or earbuds don’t have this feature, I get a little annoyed. Thankfully, the Tranya Nova Lite earphones utilise this feature to create an immersive audio experience. Alongside this, there is a transparency mode to improve your safety.

At the touch of a button, you can cancel the ANC mode and allow yourself to listen to the environmental noises. This was perfect if you cycle or run on busy roads. Being aware of your surroundings is a must, and these earphones allow that to happen. However, in transparency mode, it doesn’t compromise the audio quality. Luckily, the 12mm speakers work fantastically no matter which mode you select. With the ANC mode activated, you’ll cancel up to 40 dB of ambient sound. Accordingly, unless you are in a noisy environment, these earphones work perfectly.

Connectivity and phone calls.

Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.3 tech, you’ll enjoy a quicker and more secure connection than ever before. Alongside this, the lower power draw ensures that neither your phone nor the earphones will lose power quickly. Additionally, you can use multi-point connectivity to maximise your time. Accordingly, you can enjoy a mini workout whilst waiting for a Zoom call from work. As such, you can flit between devices with ease and the earphone connection will not falter.

Talking of phone calls, you’ll be blown away by the crystal clear call quality. The Tranya Nova Lite earphones are designed with a Voice Pickup Unit and dual built-in microphones. Consequently, every phone call sounds like you are talking in person. Moreover, I never experienced any uncomfortable crackling or horrible echoed feedback.

Audio quality.

Poor audio quality is an instant turn-off. However, you will not get that with this device. Thanks to the 12mm speakers, you enjoy a healthy range of tones and a rich bass line. Additionally, when this is combined with the excellent ANC technology, you enjoy an immersive experience at all times. Consequently, they work perfectly no matter the genre of music you selected.

Build quality.

Tranya has an exceptional track record for well-designed products. Luckily, these are no different. The hardy case is strong, robust, and designed to last. Additionally, it can charge the earphones to allow for an additional 32 hours of music playback. What’s more, there is a tiny but helpful LED that highlights the battery level. Other than this, the case is compact and streamlined.

The earphones are colour-matched to the charging case. Additionally, they utilise the same streamlined design and I loved this approach. Either of the earphones can be used to pause, play, or skip tracks. What’s more, the command prompts can be altered in the free-to-download Tranya app. This piece of software is essential if you wish to maximise the potential of this product. Accordingly, I’d recommend downloading it as you can adjust your settings, track your earphones, and much more.

Are the Tranya Nova Lite earphones worth it?

Buying the right earphones can be a bit of a minefield. However, I believe that the Tranya Nova Lite earphones tick many boxes. Not only do they have ANC technology, but you can enjoy multi-point connectivity, an incredible battery life, great build quality, and awesome sound quality. Moreover, you get this for a fantastic price and a further 15% off with code Novalite15. As such, I love these earphones and I recommend that you buy them here!

(More information on Tranya can be found here!)

The Tranya Nova Lite earphones are awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
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