ReviewsReview: 30-watt LED DMX SMH Stage Light

Review: 30-watt LED DMX SMH Stage Light


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The 30-watt LED DMX SMH Stage Light from Stage Right will brighten any room. This vivid but simple moving head light is perfect for small lighting set-ups or monstrous gangs of lights. As such, it is the ideal product if you have a man cave, mobile disco, or a production company.

On top of this, I was shocked by how easy this device was to use. Whether you wish to use the DMX system or use one of 8 presets, this device is versatile and user-friendly. Moreover, you can use the internal microphone to allow the light to react to the sound of every song. As such, you’ll deliver a professional performance without testing your technological know-how.

What’s in the box of the 30-watt LED DMX SMH Stage Light?

  • The understated packaging will not impress you. However, I loved its robust quality and that it could be recycled. Moreover, the fragile contents were protected during transit.
  • The 30-watt LED DMX SMH Stage Light is compact and lightweight. Furthermore, the easy-to-understand screen is simple to navigate thanks to the tactile buttons.
  • Connect the device with the DMX cable and the chunky power cable.
  • Learn the fundamentals with the user manual.

Technical aspects.

This dual-voltage device is perfect for both American and UK/EU power supplies. Consequently, this light can be used in many places without the use of a transformer. This is ideal as it enhances its versatility and makes it much more desirable. What was also great was the single 30-watt LED lens arrangement. This compact design helps you to orchestrate your lighting set-up without unnecessary complications.

If you so wish, you can use the 30-watt LED DMX SMH Stage Light as a standalone product. However, if you want to create a striking and awe-inspiring show, you can connect a further 32 devices to create an event that can be seen from outer space (this may be a slight exaggeration!).


Setting up stage lighting is no mean feat! Getting the angles right whilst ensuring the stage is correctly lit takes practice, patience, and an awful lot of experience. Thankfully, the 30-watt LED DMX SMH Stage Light takes the sting out of getting things right. If you have the know-how, you can use the DMX cable to custom-finish your lighting rig. However, if this seems like a technological minefield, you can let the preset options go to town.

Stage Right has included 8 built-in programs that will impress and mesmerise your audience. Once you choose your program, you can sit back and watch the light head tilt 190° and pan an amazing 540°. On top of this, there is an incredible 8-position colour wheel with 7 colour filters and a brilliant white option. Additionally, you can bring something new to the stage with the 8-position gobo wheel.

The surprises keep coming as the awesome built-in microphone picks up any sounds to create a unique light display. Subsequently, you can sit back, grab a beverage, and pretend you created a unique mind-blowing lighting experience.

Build quality.

No matter how large or small a light is, it has to be hard-wearing! No one likes to climb ladders to replace bulbs or faulty units. Moreover, you don’t want your device to overheat or cables to come loose when they are 15 metres above your head. Thankfully, the 30-watt LED DMX SMH Stage Light removes all these issues because of its amazing build quality.

The strong plastic casing sits upon a plastic and metal base. This ensures that the light has minimal weight whilst still being hard-wearing and built to last. Alongside this, the clever display is simple to use and the tactile buttons are tough and robust. Subsequently, they’ll last the test of time no matter how many times they are jabbed.

Though this device is designed to be mounted on a solid surface, you can attach it to a lighting bar with the correct connectors. Consequently, if you use more than one of these lights, you’ll create a stunning visual display that will complement any song or event.

Is the 30-watt LED DMX SMH Stage Light worth it?

I was impressed with this product. Not only is it easy to use, but the gobo patterns and vivid LED lighting look amazing. On top of this, I loved the reactive music setting and the user-friendly approach. As such, if you need lights to brighten up your venue, I suggest you look no further. Accordingly, I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Monoprice can be found here!)

The 30-watt LED DMX SMH Stage Light has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
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