ReviewsReview: 40-watt Wall Mount Music Amplifier

Review: 40-watt Wall Mount Music Amplifier


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The 40-watt Wall Mount Music Amplifier adds that bit of sparkle to your man cave or gaming room. Furthermore, it is the perfect streamlined option for pubs or restaurants that like to entertain their punters. Accordingly, this compact but powerful device allows your patrons to control their audio choices.

Alongside this, this impressive device is easy to set up, simple to use, and surprisingly responsive. Thanks to the intuitive display, you can work your way through an array of audio options. Moreover, the touchscreen works perfectly even when it is a little sticky. As such, it doesn’t matter if some beer or food is spilt along the way.

What’s in the box of the 40-watt Wall Mount Music Amplifier?

  • The compact packaging is a little bland. However, this matters not as it keeps the contents protected and keeps the cost down.
  • The 40-watt Wall Mount Music Amplifier is small but attractive. The brilliant white finish and excellent touchscreen are professional and alluring.
  • Control the device with the small remote control.
  • Learn the basics with the user manual.

Technical aspects.

Music is the heart and soul of any entertainment venue. As such, if you can pack a punch without complicating the matter, you’ll be a winner. Thankfully, that’s exactly what the 40-Watt Wall Mount Music Amplifier does. This micro music amplifier allows you to incorporate Bluetooth audio, FM radio, line-level aux inputs, and MP3 via a micro SD card or a USB device. Accordingly, there are plenty of options when you set this device up.

Alongside this, I was amazed by how versatile the controls were. Whether you wished to use the responsive touch screen, a device via an RS-485 cable, or the included remote control, the choice was yours. Whatever option you picked, the result was the same. This rapid device responds to your input whilst delivering tune after tune.

Streaming music is commonplace. However, you may wish to use a different format to keep the party going. Thankfully, this device allows you to incorporate many file types without issues or conflicts. Consequently, you can use WVA, MP3, APE, FLAC, AAC, AIFF, and WMA digital formats.

Setting up the 40-watt Wall Mount Music Amplifier.

Sadly, the 40-watt Wall Mount Music Amplifier isn’t a plug-and-play affair. Instead, it takes a little knowledge and some wiring to be up and running. However, if you have the know-how, you can wire this device in no time at all. The well-labelled inputs and handy connectors ensure that you won’t be cursing and shouting as you connect each input and output line. What’s more, thanks to its dual voltage, you can use this device in the US or in the UK/EU with ease.


Thankfully, you do not have to use every input method. As such, if you only want it to play a set playlist from a USB device, you can. Alternatively, if you want your users to have free rein, then you can incorporate every option with ease. Once the device is up and running, the excellent UI highlights every input. Furthermore, you can control the volume, mute songs, and pause or fast-forward tracks at the touch of a button.

No matter what mode you selected, the core operation remained the same. I loved this intuitive design that allows technophobes or inebriated individuals to operate it without concern. On top of this, you can adjust an array of settings without the need for a separate mixer. Accordingly, this streamlines your setup further and makes it wonderfully straightforward to handle.

Build quality.

The clean white case and stark black touchscreen look impressive. What’s more, the hardened plastic and reinforced screen will take some abuse. Alongside this, it can be mounted on a solid or plasterboard wall. However, word of warning, you cannot surface mount this device. Consequently, you will be required to sink this into an existing wall to install it correctly.

On top of this, the internal connectors securely hold your cables. This was essential, as a loose wire will ruin your audio experience. Furthermore, this reduces the risk of fire, as the power cables will not budge once installed.

Is the 40-watt Wall Mount Music Amplifier worth it?

This snazzy device brought a smile to my face. Not only does it look great, but it is easy to use and simple to set up, and I adored its multi-format compatibility. Additionally, it has multiple input options, and the touch screen is responsive and intuitive. Accordingly, if you want a unique modern music device for your bar or man cave, I suggest buying this here!

(More information on Monoprice can be found here!)

The 40-watt Wall Mount Music Amplifier has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
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