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Review: SD8 Kid’s Desk


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The SD8 Kid’s Desk from FlexiSpot is a great-looking and versatile piece of furniture. Don’t be fooled by the “kid” label, as this piece of furniture can be used by any age category. Thanks to the incredible motorised parts, this moveable working space is ideal for every member of your family.

What caught my eye was the versatility. Not only can this desk be used by the youngest members of your family, but it also has a wonderful storage area and a flip-style split worktop. Accordingly, this is the ideal workspace for your children as they grow into young adults. Alongside this, the build quality is incredible! Not only does it look amazing, but every part is sturdy and well-built. Furthermore, it has exemplary safety features to reassure every parent.

What’s in the box of the SD8 Kid’s Desk?

  • Delivered in 2 packages, you’ll need 2 people to carry it. Both the desk and the worktop are incredibly heavy, so I suggest you get some help to move it. The packaging is strong and robust, but relatively simple to look at. Yet, the contents are well protected, and that is all that matters.
  • The SD8 Kid’s Desk comes in multiple parts. As such, you’ll need plenty of room to construct it. Thankfully, though, everything is well-labelled, and this helps with the process.
  • The desktop must be placed on cardboard packaging to keep it protected. Failure to do so could lead to scratches or damage.
  • Tools and screws are provided to construct the unit.
  • The user guide is brilliantly straightforward.

Constructing the desk.

DIY has never fazed me. Accordingly, no matter the complexity, I will always give something a go. Fortunately, though, the SD8 Kid’s Desk requires little to no DIY experience. Thankfully, every hole is pre-drilled and the well-labelled parts are straightforward to identify. However, I recommend constructing this as a pair to make your life much easier.

On top of this, you should use the cardboard packaging to reduce damage. As long as you follow the step-by-step guide, you should have this desk constructed in around 20 minutes. However, word of warning, it is a two-person job to flip the desk onto its legs. Do not try this alone as you will hurt your back!

Technical aspects.

I adore standing desks. They are a great way to reduce back pain and joint pressure. No matter how good your chair is, you need to be mobile as well. Accordingly, I recommend pairing this desk with the BS8 office chair from FlexiSpot. This amazing desk has a height range from 58 cm to 120 cm. As such, it is ideal for small children and young adults to use. Alongside this, the smooth but strong dual motors can lift a whooping 100 Kg. Consequently, you do not need to empty the drawer or remove your laptop whenever you adjust the height.

Talking of height adjustment, the excellent integrated panel is a cinch to use. There is a vivid display that highlights the current height. Beside it, you can raise or lower the desk at the touch of a button. Additionally, you can record 4 desired levels to work with different members of your family. This was fantastic, as it made the desk even easier to use.

Another incredible aspect was the flip-style split worktop. This simple-to-access feature was smooth and adjustable. What’s more, it allows users to draw, write, or read comfortably whilst sitting down. One restriction, though, was the supports can only hold up to 1 Kg. As such, you can’t use this feature with a heavy laptop or a loaded workspace.

Safety features.

Moving parts are always a concern! I’d hate to experience trapped fingers or see a beloved family pet get hurt. Fortunately, the SD8 Kid’s Desk has anti-collision technology. Accordingly, the touch panel can be used to alter the sensitivity of this feature. Therefore, you can turn it off altogether, or increase the strength depending on your situation.

If the desk is moving and this feature is activated, it will stop what it is doing and raise to the previous known position. Consequently, it will prevent anything or anyone from becoming trapped beneath. This was reassuring, especially when you have youngsters in your house. Accidents were also prevented whenever you utilised the locking system. Subsequently, if you don’t want the desk to move, you can activate a child lock and the panel is frozen.

Build quality.

The split nature of the desktop could raise concerns. Yet, I loved the different materials and the excellent finish. Alongside this, the base of the desk looks attractive and professional. The sleek white finish is attractive and stylish. Moreover, the rounded feet and integrated wheels help to keep the desk level and move it on hardened floors.

Alongside this, there is a hidden magnet to secure a support section. This was great as it allows you to comfortably write, draw, or read whenever the worktop is raised. Additionally, the drawer is spacious, robust, and capable of holding plenty of items. Therefore, your desk doesn’t need to be messy and your art supplies and documents are kept safe at all times.

Is the SD8 Kid’s Desk worth it?

The SD8 Kid’s Desk retails for £599.99. Now, this may seem expensive, but I believe you get a lot of bang for your buck. What’s more, its robust design and excellent materials ensure that this is built to last. Accordingly, this desk should be perfect for your children as they grow up.

Alongside this, it is jam-packed with safety features, and it looks amazing. Therefore, you can use it in your living room, office, or dining space and it wouldn’t look out of place. If you then consider the excellent flip-style split workspace, you know that this is a versatile piece of furniture. As such, it has many uses and can be used by people of all ages. Consequently, I love it and I recommend that you buy it here! Furthermore, Flexispot is having a massive sale until October 31st 2023, so don’t miss out and grab yourself a bargain!

(More information on FlexiSpot can be found here!)

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