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The ELEMNT BOLT from Wahoo is a compact and user-friendly cycling computer. What’s more, this stunning little device packs in an array of top-end features. Accordingly, if you install this striking piece of kit on your bike, you’ll have layers of data at your fingertips.

Alongside this, you’ll adore the safety features and the ability to use your existing sensors. As such, you can observe your power output, cadence, heart rate, and much more. On top of this, the V2 model has the all-new SUMMIT technology and an incredibly accurate GPS.

What’s in the box of the ELEMNT BOLT?

  • The striking packing is attractive. The mainly monochromatic colour palette is pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, it is robust and adorned with images and information. 
  • The ELEMNT BOLT is small and robust. Moreover, it has tactile and well-positioned buttons.
  • Connect the computer to your bike with the handlebar or stem mounts. 
  • Charge the device with the USB cable. 
  • Get started with the easy-to-read user guide. 

Technical aspects.

The ELEMNT BOLT is the younger sibling of the ELEMNT ROAM. I reviewed this awesome device, and my thoughts can be read here! I adored the ROAM and therefore, this piece of tech has a lot to live up to. Thankfully, though, it does an amazing job of keeping up with its powerhouse counterpart.

The incredible 2.2″ 64 colour screen captures your ride metrics perfectly. Additionally, it has a 15-hour battery life and can be charged with a portable USB charger. Therefore, you know that every ride will be recorded. Alongside this, it uses Bluetooth, ANT+, and Wi-Fi for a stable and secure connection. As such, your compatible sensors can link up with this smart computer.

This tiny device has a large 16Gb storage and comes pre-loaded with an array of maps. As such, this is the perfect device if you want to install hundreds of routes or training plans. Talking of maps, the accurate GPS will track your ride and re-route you if you go wrong. Subsequently, this is ideal if you like to explore or if you hit an unplanned detour.


Having a watch or computer tracking your training is an amazing experience. However, you don’t want it to monopolise your time. Moreover, it must be simple to use and easy to customise. Luckily, the ELEMNT BOLT ticks every one of these boxes! From the moment it is switched on, this computer talks you through every moment. What’s more, once you are set up, it’ll connect to your sensors, phone, and ELEMNT app immediately. Consequently, you are free to focus on your ride and nothing else.

Observing the data that matters most is key. Therefore, I loved the ability to customise my data fields. You can flit through an array of information by touching one button. Therefore, you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on your handlebars. This was great, as you don’t become distracted whilst finding the information that matters to you. 

Training plans. 

Another user-friendly element was the training and workout plans. Using the app, you can generate a schedule that maximises your ride. Furthermore, this data can be sent to the ELEMNT BOLT within seconds. As such, you waste little time or effort when selecting a new workout routine. 


The SUMMIT feature isn’t new to the Wahoo brand. However, the new version is incredibly accurate and informative. Additionally, when paired with a planned route, you are handed a detailed layout of your journey that is a game-changer. This mind-blowing feature automatically identifies any upcoming hills and adjusts your screen accordingly. Therefore, you have plenty of pre-warning for the hell you are about to face. 

Love them or hate them, hills are part of everyone’s routine. If, like me, you live in a hilly part of the UK, you’ll adore the updated SUMMIT feature. This awesome program delivers a coloured image of your upcoming climb. What’s more, it highlights the grade, distance, time remaining, and so forth. Subsequently, you can ride each ascent with confidence and the correct gearing.

Safety and sensors. 

Safety is every cyclist’s primary concern! I should know, I was recently involved in an RTC. Sadly, I wasn’t using a rear radar system to warn me about my impending doom. However, if you invest in this excellent accessory, you can use the ANT+ connectivity to enhance your awareness. Thanks to the amazing on-screen LED indicators, you will know if a vehicle is present or if the channel is clear enough to proceed.

Safety is a priority. Yet, what is the point of a computer if it doesn’t track every metric? Thankfully, you can connect an array of compatible sensors, including the Wahoo-branded ones to this device. Additionally, if you have Di2 gearing, you can observe your gear position without taking your eyes off the road. This was amazing, as your confidence and productivity increased on every ride.

Build quality.

The ELEMNT BOLT has moved away from the touchscreen trend. Accordingly, it is fantastic to use no matter the weather. Alongside this, the incredible tactile buttons are sturdy and simple to use. Moreover, if you wish to connect new sensors or check your data, it is straightforward. Thanks to the incredible UI, navigating the menu system was a cinch. As such, this is great even if you are a technophobe. 

Another fine feature was the mounting system. This incredible twist approach was strong, secure and robust. Consequently, no matter the mount, you’ll experience no vibration or unwanted movement. What’s more, I was never concerned that the computer would fall off. Subsequently, whether you ride on the roads or trails, you are assured that your device will be secure.

Is the ELEMNT BOLT worth it?

The ELEMNT BOLT is an amazing cycling computer. Yes, it isn’t as powerful as the ROAM, but it isn’t as expensive either. Furthermore, this device is lighter and more streamlined. Essentially, it is affordable and perfect if you undertake short journeys or you want to track your commute to work. Either way, if you invest, you won’t be disappointed. Accordingly, I love this device and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on Wahoo can be found here!) 

The ELEMNT BOLT has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
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