ReviewsReview: Lumectra RGB LED light strip

Review: Lumectra RGB LED light strip


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The Lumectra RGB LED light strip from PowerA is a fantastic addition to your gaming set-up. Accordingly, this easy-to-handle and user-friendly device will make your console or PC pop. Alternatively, maybe you wish to add some colour to a child’s bedroom. Whatever the reason, this affordable accessory won’t disappoint.

On top of this, this light strip can be used in conjunction with the Xbox Advantage Wired controller with Lumectra. Consequently, you can have the most eye-catching gaming room ever. Furthermore, with plenty of colour options and 4 light modes, this is bound to impress.

What’s in the box of the Lumectra RGB LED light strip?

  • The alluring packaging caught my eye. The rich colours and striking images are impressive. Moreover, the box is robust, and the contents are well-packaged for transit.
  • The Lumectra RGB LED light strip is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to handle. What’s more, the adhesive strips make it a cinch to connect it to any compatible surface. 
  • Control the lights with this handy remote control. Select the lighting pattern or your favourite colour with ease. 
  • Learn the fundamentals with the startup guide. 

Technical aspects. 

This lighting strip is approximately 18 ft long. As such, it is suitable for many applications. Whether you have a massive TV or you wish to highlight the edge of your gaming area, this lighting strip won’t let you down. Additionally, thanks to the in-built control panel, you can adjust the settings with ease.

This control panel is equipped with an IR sensor. This sensor works with the provided remote control or the Xbox Advantage Wired controller with Lumectra (sold separately). Accordingly, getting the right colour for your man/woman cave or gaming area has never been easier. However, if you simply want to add colour to your cinema or playroom, the remote control is phenomenal and straightforward to use.

Build quality. 

I was impressed with the excellent build quality. The Lumectra RGB LED light strip is extremely flexible and the adhesive strips will stick to most surfaces. Moreover, the internal cables are well protected. Consequently, this prevents your lights from becoming damaged. On top of this, the in-line control system is rugged and easy to use. 

My only gripe is a minor point. Sadly, you have to connect the light strip to the mains. Consequently, there isn’t the benefit of plugging it into your console or PC USB port. This was disappointing, but luckily, the power draw is so low that this complaint is negligible.

Is the Lumectra RGB LED light strip worth it?

Making your gaming set-up pop is always worth the effort. You may not be a streamer or a garish person. However, personalising your gaming environment is a rewarding experience. As such, the Lumectra RGB LED light strip is a simple addition that improves any space. Consequently, I loved it and I recommend that you buy it here!

(More information on PowerA can be found here!) 

The Lumectra RGB LED light strip has been awarded the Movies Games and Tech Gold Award.
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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