NewsNews: Revolution 5 Pro controller

News: Revolution 5 Pro controller


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The Revolution 5 Pro controller from Nacon has been announced. This revolutionary controller is available for PlayStation 4 and 5 and is also compatible with PC. Furthermore, it has been designed to be more comfortable, durable, and environmentally friendly than its predecessor. On top of this, it is jam-packed with modern features. Consequently, it will impress anyone who gets hands-on.

This incredible controller can be used wirelessly and wired. Furthermore, you can use a Bluetooth headset or a wired headset via the 3.5mm audio port. As such, this versatile device will be perfect no matter your gaming set-up. Additionally, its ergonomic design ensures that you have a comfortable time no matter how much you game.

Key features of the Revolution 5 Pro controller.

This fantastic-looking controller implements Hall Effect technology. Consequently, you’ll enjoy precision and accuracy that’ll enhance your gaming experience. Alongside this, your analogue sticks are durable and comfortable to use.

Another fine feature is the excellent battery life. A full charge lasts around 10 hours before you have to plug it in again. Moreover, the quick charge facility will get you back in the game in no time. As such, this is perfect for gamers who love elongated sessions.


If you are a veteran gamer, you’ll know the frustration of stick drift and faulty buttons. Luckily, though, the Revolution 5 Pro controller has this issue covered. Subsequently, Nacon has focused on the environmental impact of broken accessories. This core feature allows you to repair and replace faulty parts with ease.

Alongside this, there are plenty of parts to customise the pad to your needs. Accordingly, you can set your accessory up however you wish. As such, you’ll get that elite edge without breaking the bank.

When is the Revolution 5 Pro controller available?

I’d love to say that you can buy this controller today. However, I can’t. Instead, I’m happy to say that you don’t have to wait too long to get your hands on a Revolution 5 Pro controller. If news of this pad has got you excited, you can find more information here!

(More information on Nacon can be found here!)

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Daniel Waite
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