NewsWhy are Online Pokies so Loved in Australia?

Why are Online Pokies so Loved in Australia?


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One of the most popular casino games in Australia is the classic pokies. They’re still some of the most entertaining games, attracting all kinds of players. Their simplicity and originality still work in the 21st century. They’re one of those games that never really go out of style. But why exactly are online pokies so loved in Australia? 

All over the world, online gambling is one of the most popular leisure activities. Australia is no exception. Australians love to play online games, including online casino games. It’s not just online casino games but video games in general that are very popular among Australians. 

In 2022, a survey showed that video gaming was the fifth most popular hobby in Australia. Another survey showed that three out of four Australians gamble at least once a year. 38% of these gamble once a week. So, there’s no denying that gambling is incredibly popular amongst Australians.

Increasingly, more people prefer to gamble online instead of going to a physical casino. Technology has made it easy and convenient to find reputable online casinos to play at online. At these online casinos in Australia, one of the most loved games is still classic pokies. 

When you’re looking for pokies online in Australia, you will have a huge selection. All the best online casinos have a wide selection of Australian pokies online to choose from. But why exactly are online pokies still so loved in Australia after all these years?

1. Pokies are easy and simple 

Pokies is one the simplest game of all the casino games. Many of the popular casino games have an element of skill or strategy. This is appealing to many players who like to strategise. But sometimes you just want to play something super easy and enjoy the simplicity of it. 

There’s something appealing about a game that doesn’t need a lot in order to be entertaining. You don’t need to relate to any rules or strategic considerations. All you have to do is enjoy yourself.

2. Yet really entertaining

And that’s exactly the next reason why pokies are so popular – they’re really entertaining. Many players who love all kinds of casino games still think the pokies are super fun. When you’re playing online pokies, it’s a very easily accessible type of entertainment. Today, you can even play them on your phone or tablet. 

It’s easier to play a quick game than some of the other online casino games. Many players also like to play online because they can still feel like being in the casino’s thrilling atmosphere. The online pokies also have the bright lights and the fast-paced entertainment that you know from the physical casino.

3. You can play them by yourself

If you’re playing casino games online, it’s nice that you can do it whenever you have the time. That’s one of the great things about online pokies: you can play them all by yourself without having to consider anyone else. There are no other players to consider; there’s not even a dealer. 

Many of the casino games are very social, with a bunch of people playing games together. This is especially true if you’re playing at a physical casino, but many games are social, even online. When you just want to play casually by yourself, you would often choose the pokies. 

4. Various types and themes

Even though pokies are one of the simplest games, they aren’t all the same. One of the great things about them is that you can find pokies with different features  and with different themes. When you’re playing online, there are usually hundreds to choose from. 

You can find everything from historical games to sci-fi-inspired machines. If you have a particular interest, you’ll probably be able to find a pokie with that particular theme. You can also find a completely plain and original one if that’s more your style. It’s entirely up to you! 

It’s not only the themes and styles that vary but also the gameplay in itself. You can find many different variations of the traditional gameplay. Some have a large number of reels, while others have only a few. 

You can find pokies with mini-games incorporated, bonuses and free spins on the way. The possibilities are abundant, so take a look at your preferred online casino in order to find the one most suitable for you. 

5. Nostalgia

Another element is the nostalgia of the pokies. There’s something very special about the original games that still has that nostalgic, retro feel. The basics of the game haven’t changed, even though the technology and graphics have advanced tremendously over the years. 

Today, many of the games are visually stunning with video game graphics. If you want to double up on the nostalgia, you can look for a pokie with a theme from one of your favorite retro games. Maybe it might just feel like time travel.

So, it’s clear that there are many reasons why online pokies are still so popular in Australia. Many online gamblers enjoy the simple entertainment that they can easily access online. 

You can play them by yourself whenever you see fit, and you can choose between your favorite themes. The fact that it’s also possible to choose between the classic gameplay or a newer and more advanced version makes them appealing to a broad group of online gamblers.

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